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Meadowsweet in flower

Pond Plant: Filipendula ulmaria - meadowsweet

Meadowsweet is tall perennial of damp meadows. Its lovely sprays of white flowers have various herbal qualities and attract a range of pollinators like the hoverflies in the picture.
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Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)

Filipendula ulmaria is a lovely plant of damp meadows - as the name suggests - and widespread across most of Europe. It was said to be a great favourite of Queen Elizabeth's, at which stage it was used as a "strewing herb" to sweeten the smell of floor rushes.

Meadowsweet is an excellent plant for wildlife. It's said to be the larval food plant for at least 75 invertebrate species (including 23 moths!), and throughout high summer a range of pollinators love its succession of frothy white flowers, which also have various herbal qualities. Meadowsweet flowers are also said to taste like marzipan (which I guess they do, a little!). Filipendula ulmaria grows to around 1.25m.

We offer meadowsweet as 110cc jumbo plugs.

Please note that these plants are only available on a seasonal basis. The nursery grows new stock from autumn to early spring, so we do not deliver over this period.