Delivering plants from April to October

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You’ll find a lovely selection of water loving British wildflowers in our shop. They’re selected for being well behaved, widespread throughout the UK, and looking attractive as well. There are species here for boggy areas as well as margins and deeper areas.

Pond plant plug

Typically we supply these plants as generous 90cc plugs. We may also supply them as bareroot, depending on the time of year. They will either come in labelled bags with notes outling the conditions they like or in trays, also with labels.Pond plants tray

These plants won't just look good – they will help provide a habitat for all manner of fascinating wildlife. In addition to plant collections and individual species you’ll find pre-established plants in coir rolls and mats as well as seed mixes. The coir products are really helpful if you are planting up a pond with a butyl liner.

All our pond plants are produced in the UK without the use of pesticides and originate from seeds harvested here. The plants are grown by specialist wholesale nurseries in Buckinghamshire, Cornwall and Middlesex and the seed mixes come from around the country.

We generally deliver between spring and autumn.

If there’s anything you would like but can’t find please let us know. The chances are we‘ll be able to find it for you.