29/4: one to two weeks lead time for orders

How to plant your pond plants


As soon as your plants arrive open the package and check the contents are ok. If you can't plant straight away, please sit them in an inch of water on a tray, or if they're oxygenators pop them in a bucket of water. 

Your plants will either be "plug plants" or "bare root". They will arrive in plastic bags or a tray, and, if you have ordered a collection, a brief description and instructions as to where to plant them. They will either need to be planted in boggy areas, at the water level, or submerged.

If you have a plastic pond or butyl liner you'll need to use a container to plant into - have a look at our preplanted coir products if they might be helpful. We do sell aquatic baskets, which I'm afraid are the best solution we have found for growing individual plants in. Fill with subsoil or low fertility growing medium - specialist aquatic soils aren't necessary. You may also need gravel to spread on top of the baskets to stop any initial leaching of the soil into the water. 

Planting aquatic plants could not be easier if you're planting into mud; just push them in, following our guidance as to planting depths. 

Water lilies can be slightly trickier as they're planted in deep water. We sell them already well established in their baskets, so they need to be carefully lowered into position. 

If your order includes oxygenators they will come crimped together in bunches. This will weigh one end down, allowing them to establish. Just throw them in.