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Planting Baskets

Planting Baskets

Pond plant baskets. Fine mesh means you don't need hessian or similar, but the baskets will allow movement of water through them.
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If you have a preformed pond, or one with a butyl liner, you will need something to plant into. These fine mesh planters are ideal insofar as you won't need to line them, but the mesh isn't so fine that it doesn't allow the flow of water through them. This allows oxygen and nutrients to get to the plants. Fill them with a low nutrient planting medium like subsoil - you don't have to use specialist aquatic soil. The sizes we stock are ideal for the native aquatic plants we sell. Use 5 of the smallest baskets for our 5m pond collection.

20cm x 20cm (2.5 litres): up to 4 plants, smaller species

24cm x 24cm (5 litres): up to 2 plants, larger species

46cm long kidney shape: up to 8 plants, smaller species

Supplier: Anglo Aquatics