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White water lily and honeybee

Pond Plant: water lilies

We have two British native water lilies for sale in 3L pots; White and Yellow water lilies. Nuphar lutea make vigorous plants, so we only recommend them for bigger ponds and lakes, and planted in deeper water.
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Aquatic Native Plants: Water Lilies
We sell two water lily varieties native to the UK as plants in generous 3 litre pots. They'll root themselves in deeper water - 0.5 - 1m - and will spread vigorously, so really best suit bigger ponds or lakes. The most vigorous of all is Nuphar lutea, which will thrive down to 1.5m. The white lily has a more traditional lily flower. Both types are helpful in covering the water surface and preventing algal growth.


White Water Lily (Nymphaea alba) - pictured.

Yellow Water Lily, or Brandy Bottle (Nuphar lutea)