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Pond Plant: Mentha aquatica - water mint

Pond Plant: Mentha aquatica - water mint

Water mint is an easy to grow waterside plant with a long flowering period. It's helpful for a range of wildlife and spreads naturally.
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Water mint, Mentha aquatica, is a pretty spreading plant, doing well in a range of wet conditions on lower fertility soils. It smells fantastic when bruised, and like other mints its leaves can be eaten. Water mint has a long flowering period and is visited by a wide range of pollinators, particularly bees. It's also a recommended plant for Great Crested Newts.

We offer water mint as either bare root or in 4cm or 5cm plugs, depending on availability.

Please note that these plants are only available on a seasonal basis. The nursery grows new stock from autumn to early spring, so we do not deliver over this period.