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Pond Plant: Lythrum salicaria - purple loosestrife

Pond Plant: Lythrum salicaria - purple loosestrife

Purple loosetrife is a striking wetland perennial, with spires of flowers in late summer. It also lends height to waterside planting.
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Purple loosestrife is one of those plants people don't recognise as native because it looks so showy. It's a beauty, flowering in late summer to provide an invaluable source of late season nectar to a range of pollinators, including this Brimstone. Our bees love it too. Lythrum salicaria grows to a fair height - over 3 feet - although it dies down to the ground in the winter, and doesn't have the invasive habit it displays in regions of America. It grows in a variety of damp and wet soils.

We offer Purple loosestrife as either bare root or in 4cm or 5cm plugs, depending on availability.

Please note that these plug plants are only available on a seasonal basis. The nursery grows new stock from autumn to early spring, so we do not deliver over this period.