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Pre-planted coir mats for ponds
Pre-planted coir mats for ponds
Preplanted coir mats  in a garden pond
Preplanted coir mats
Pre-planted coir mats for ponds
Pre-planted coir mats for ponds
Preplanted coir mats on a pond edge
Established preplanted coir mats

Pre-planted coir mats for ponds

Our pre-planted coir mats are ideal for covering unsightly pond liner edges and giving instant vegetation to your pond. The coir provides a growing medium for the plants as well. The photo shows an unplanted mat as well as a planted one, once it has become established on site. If your pond is under 12m circumference we don't recommend using these mats all the way around it. See below for details.

Please call 01749 812355 for pricing and to order

Pre-planted coir mats for ponds

These 5cm thick coir mats are wonderful for covering the unsightly edges of pond liners and giving the impression of a mature pond. They are 2m by 1m or 2m by 0.5m and can be either just laid along the pond edge or pegged - which we can help with too.

We can only offer these mats in minimum quantities of 20, I'm afraid. We do sell quantities of one or more unplanted 2mX0.5m mats with plants separately for you to plant, however. 

If you're installing the mats on a butyl liner leave 50% to 100% of the mats at or below water level - if there are sections out of the water and there is no rain for several weeks please keep an eye on them and water if necessary! As you can see from the photos, used on soil they need much less contact with the water as the plants will root into the wet soil of the bank.

Water will travel through the coir, which is why we don't recommend using them around the whole of your pond's circumference if it's under around 12m. Over time they just biodegrade, leaving the plants. Have a look at our helpful video guide. 

The coir is imported from a Sri Lankan village wiped out by the 2004 Tsunami. It's imported into the UK as highly compressed organic coir fibre, a by-product from coconut production. Our suppliers here process it into rolls and mats. The coir fibre degrades slowly, over 5 - 10 years, so ideal for plants to establish in. It's inert and pH neutral

Each mat is planted with a mix of non-invasive native plants: Carex acutiformis (Lesser Pond Sedge), Juncus effusus (Soft Rush), Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestrife), Myosotis scorpioides (Water Forget Me Not), Ranunculus flammula (Lesser Spearwort), Iris pseudacorus (Yellow Flag Iris), Caltha palustris (Marsh Marigold) , Alisma plantago-aquatica (Water Plantain) and Mentha aquatica (Water mint). They are well established by the time the mats are sold, and you'll find a generous 10 plants per square metre.

We've written a blog about them so that you can see what they look like in action. 

Please contact us if you would like a quote, letting us know the first part of your postcode and the number of linear metres you would like. I'm afraid we can't deliver to Northern Ireland.

Prices will change according volumes ordered and your location. Prices for the coir mats are from £39.38 (excluding VAT) for the 2mX0.5m mats with a standard plant mix, plus delivery by pallet. The 2mX1m mats are from £61.25 each ex VAT plus haulage. We offer discounts for larger amounts. 

If you are thinking of using coir as a bio-engineering solution for a river we strongly recommend talking to a consultant, who we would be happy to put you in touch with.

All the plants in our coir mats are grown in the UK from UK stock.


Supplier: Gower Wildflowers